As an advocate for diversity in tech, I have been occasionally asked to speak at functions to improve representation in tech fields. I have also participated in and organized charity events to help organizations like the Red Cross. Below is a list of events I have been invited to, participated in, and/or organized.


alterconficonWhy Diversity in Video Games Matters (Alterconf Atlanta, February 2015)

Invited speaker at Alterconf in Atlanta on the subject of diversity in the video game community and within games themselves. The full powerpoint presentation can be viewed here.  A video of the speech can be viewed on Youtube here.


redcrossiconSonic 2006 Endurance Race (March 2012)

Charity event I organized in conjunction with In this 18-hour marathon, I streamed video games while soliciting donations from viewers. The final donation number ended up at four digits and went to the Red Cross for disaster relief. A full playlist of the event can be viewed here.