I have been recording podcasts for over five years. They have always been passion projects for me, as I enjoy sitting with some friends and talking about recent events, not to mention entertaining people while I do it. I learned how to use Audacity so I could host and edit my own podcasts, which are listed below.

The Jumpcast - a weekly show (without missing an episode) going for over three years. Jumpcast (227 Episodes)

As host and producer, I record, edit, host, and publish the weekly Jumpcast, my own podcast currently hosted on Nitrobeard.  This weekly podcast, sitting at over 200 episodes, focuses on discussing the previous week’s Shonen Jump and other assorted manga.  At its peak, the Jumpcast had several thousand listeners and commands strong attention from the fanbase today.


Free to Play - Over 100 episodes produced, participated in, and often hosted by me. Free to Play (127 episodes)

As co-host and producer, I recorded, edited, participated in, and published the vast majority of the 127 episodes of Nitrobeard’s Free to Play podcast.  Focusing on video games, but not limited to any one subject, the podcast brought in a steady stream of listeners to hear what the hosts thought of this week’s news and what they have been playing.  Notable episodes include interviews with Steve Gaynor (Gone Home from Fullbright Company) and Ian Stocker (Escape Goat 2).



The Beardcast - An older podcast where I produced, participated in, and hosted many episodes of its 100-episode run.Beardcast (101 Episodes)

The progenitor to Nitrobeard’s Free to Play, I recorded, edited, participated in, and published a large number of Beardcast episodes.


critical distanceCritical Distance (Minisode 4)

Critical Distance’s hidden gem-focused podcast where I was invited to be a guest.  I discussed Rook’s Fallow; Sundae Moth’s Petrichor; and Kitty Horrorshow’s Rain, House, Eternity.


Guest on Anime 3000's Manga podcast, Manga Corner Manga Corner (Episode 5)

Anime 3000’s manga podcast, I appeared as a guest on episode 5.